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B2B Prospecting does not have to be Frustrating

Discover how AI is changing the game in B2B sales, turning complex customer profiles into highly targeted prospect lists.

Arne Wolfewicz · Co-Founder & CEO

Published on January 24, 2024


Consider the following scenario: You have an idea for a customer group that might be interested in your services and want to build a list of targets. You open LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You apply a bunch of filters. If you are advanced, you narrow down your search using boolean search.

After applying all sensible filters, you get a list of 819 companies. You know that you now have two options: Contact them all with something generic or (have someone) filter through them manually to figure out which really fit your criteria. Either way, it’s going to take a while before you get to have your first conversation with a prospect.

This needle-in-a-haystack situation is common in B2B sales: Identifying the right prospects amidst a sea of possibilities requires a fine-tuned approach, balancing precision with efficiency.

The power of precision

In the realm of abundant information, discerning what matters most is crucial. Why engage with an overwhelming number of prospects when capacity allows for only a few? Sales isn't merely a numbers game; it's about creating meaningful connections.

Focusing on the right prospects not only saves time but also enhances the quality of interactions. By targeting those who truly align with your offerings, you elevate the sales experience from a scattergun approach to a strategic endeavor.

Age of efficiency

In the past, AI models could only be used for narrow tasks – such as telling the difference between a cat and dog image. While such AI models have been immensely powerful for several years, their capabilities didn’t lead to widespread adoption.

Adoption only came through the release of truly powerful language models.

These models have become adept at deciphering language and life's intricacies, making AI an invaluable tool across various domains. In the sales context, AI brings a new level of efficiency and precision, revolutionizing how we approach and understand potential clients. As we are entering a period where qualified staff is increasingly hard to get by, the change happens right on time.

AI-enhanced B2B prospecting

Let’s go back to our original problem. The task was to find exactly those companies that matched your concept of an ideal customer. This concept can be expressed in language.

Imagine transforming a concept like "Mid-to-high quality Italian restaurants accepting card payments and family-owned" into a targeted prospect list. This is the precision and speed that modern AI brings to the table, and it's the core of what we're building at Narratic Labs.

The future of B2B sales

The future of B2B sales lies in personalized, targeted approaches. But picking a long list of leads and merely personalizing outreach won’t be sufficient. No outreach personalization software is going to solve the underlying problem of wrong targeting.

Capturing the essence of entire companies and their unique needs is a complex task, now made feasible with the latest AI advancements. At Narratic Labs, we're determined to be at the forefront of this transformation, offering solutions that address the complexity of today's business landscape and requirements of B2B sellers.

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